Becoming a Santo Domingo FIR Controller /

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Home Controller
Fancy making Santo Domingo your home FIR? Good choice. Now to get set up!
Signing Up
To become a home controller in Santo Domingo, please visit this link and fill in the form. Once you have been accepted, you should visit our HelpDesk to create a ticket regarding your training, all training matters will be handled in this one ticket, more information regarding how to request sessions can be found here. Please note that all training sessions will be in Zulu time! While you are waiting we strongly reccommend that you read the S1-S2 Guide alongside downloading the Punta Cana Quick Reference Sheet. This is because all of your training will be at Punta Cana.
Rating Advancements
In Santo Domingo, we pride ourselves on our quality of control, we are currently developing a training syllabus for our FIR so that mentors and students alike understand what is required at each level of training. As per VATCAR policy, each student must complete a miniimum of:
  • Advance to S2: Requires 30 days as an S1 and 20 hours of controlling any Ground/Delivery in the proceeding 30 days.
  • Advance to S3: Requires 30 days as an S2 and at least 50 hours on a tower position in the proceeding 30 days.
  • Advance to C1: Requires 60 days as an S3 and at least 100 hours on any Approach position in the proceeding 60 days.
Moodle Courses
Once you have started your training for a specific rating, you will be given an access key for VATCARs central Moodle training system. This allows you to review theory manuals and complete the VATCAR theory exams for each level. These exams must be passed (80%) before a practical test is completed.

If you are looking to visit or transfer to our FIR, please read this section.

Visiting Controllers

In Santo Domingo, we welcome visiting controllers! Please apply via this link. Once you have been accepted, you should visit our Support Center to provide availability a mentor in our FIR will contact you in the ticket you create to arrange a training session to inform you of local procedures and give you a flavour of what controlling in our FIR is like. For more information on how our mentoring request system works we reccomend that you read this site. While you are waiting, we strongly reccomend that you read our controller guides as well as local SOP documents.
Visiting controllers must control 2 hours per month or they will be removed from the roster.
Note: We are currently not open to visiting controllers below an S2 rating.

Transferring Controllers

If you would like to transfer to the Santo Domingo FIR from within VATCAR, you shouls simply use this form. Those who are from outside VATCAR should transfer to our division before completing the form. Like visiting controllers, transferring controllers will also go through local competency checks.
As per VATSIM Policy, an individual can only transfer regions every 90 days. You must also wait 90 days after receiving a rating upgrade.