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Welcome to our site! We are a growing community who have recently restarted after a period of inactivity. Please explore our site, which is designed for both controllers and pilots alike. We are constantly updating our site; watch this space!
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Dominican Weekend The Santo Domingo FIR welcomes pilots to fly into Punta Cana Airport on the 20th of August to experience a fully staffed aerodrome from Delivery up to Approach, as well as Santo Domingo Control. The event will run from 1900z-2200z and will showcase the Dominican Republic. So why not join us for a little VFR hop around the Caribbean or fly a bit further? With around 100 destinations around the globe, stretching as far as London Gatwick and Moscow, there are plenty of options to fly and experience our airspace!
If you are a controller and would like to control in this event, please contact datm[at]santodomingo.vatcar.org with your availability in Zulu. A roster will be publicly published one day before the event.
Many thanks to Gal for the design of the banner!
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Airports within our airspace

Las Americas Intl

Las Americas Intl

The second busiest airport in the Dominicann Republic serving Santo Domingo. SDQ has the longest runway in the country.

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Punta Cana Intl

The busiest airport in the Dominican Republic and second busiest in the Caribbean handling more than 6 million passengers every year.

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Cibao Intl

An airport serving Santiago de los Caballeros, DR's second largest city. Also, it has a terminal with some of the most advanced airport facilities in the country.

Sit Amet Website

Gregorio Luperon Intl

The 4th busiest airport in the Dominican Republic located in Puerto Plata with a terminal that can support three Boeing 747s simultaneously.