AIRAC 2007

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Santo Domingo Flight Information Region (MDCS FIR) is part of the VATSIM Network of virtual pilots and air traffic controllers. Modeled on the real Santo Domingo FIR which covers more than 60,000 square miles. MDCS is the world’s gateway into the Caribbean. MDCS has a diverse range of airports for you to fly in.

All information contained on these pages are for flight simulation use ONLY on the VATSIM network and shall not be used for real-world navigation or aviation purposes. This site is in no way affiliated with the FAA, ICAO, the actual Santo Domingo FIR, or any other governing aviation agency or group. All content contained herein is approved for use on the VATSIM network.


Here you can see all active ATC positions, Arrivals and Departures to/from MDCS airspace.

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Come join the FUN in the sun. Santo Domingo really is the gateway to paradise.

Now Accepting Applications

If you are interested in applying as an Air Traffic Controller in Santo Domingo FIR the application may be located by clicking HERE.

Applications are open for Home Controllers and Visiting Controller.

Differences between Home and Visiting Controllers?

A Home Controller is based in the Caribbean Division and as a result, they will conduct training, rating upgrades, and the majority of their hours in Santo Domingo FIR. Visiting controllers, on the other hand, are based in a different FIR or Division and as such will conduct most of their controlling hours, training, and rating advancements in their home facility.


Do I need a specific rating to become ATC?

For home controllers, you do not need a controller rating. For visitors, we require you to be rated S1 or higher.

Airport Photo Gallery

Have a photo you wish to submit? Please email us or contact the facility staff on discord for submission.