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AIRAC 2007

Facility files are now updated to AIRAC 2007. No major changes to report this cycle. Taxiway correction at Punta Cana and new sections added to the ALIAS file. See discord for full details.

New Air Traffic Manager

Santo Domingo has a new Air Traffic Manager Israel Reyes. Israel initially joined the FIR as facility engineer. During his time at VATCAR he has show the ability to lead while working with a team. We look forward to what the future...

Santo Domingo & Nassau Crossfire

Great NEWS! We have an event coming up in just a couple of weeks. Santo Domingo will be running a crossfire with our neighbors to the north, Nassau FIR. Please take a moment and complete the signup form. >>...


Hello Santo Domingo! Facility sector files are updated to AIRAC 2006. No changes within MDCS for airac 2006. MTEG airway restrictions were lifted from airac 2005. We are continuing to add SID, STAR & APPs. Next major change will take place during airac 2007. You can...

Ricardo Ulerio Joins Our Mentors!

Please help me welcome Ricardo Ulerio into the Santo Domingo FIR training team. Ricardo is the facility's newest OBS-S1 mentor. Congratulations to Ricardo on his continued success in the FIR.

Facility Charts Updated

Greetings Santo Domingo! I am happy to report that Santo Domingo FIR now has updated charts for all of MDCS controlled facilities. The team is currently working on providing updated charts for all Port Au Prince (MTEG) controlled facilities. Should you have any...

Updated Facility Files

We have released a new VRC package with updated Sector File and POF. Please make sure you download it here. There is also a new file containing all Call signs and Frequencies for every position in Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince. Thanks to Israel Reyes for taking the...

Henry earns his S1 Rating

Congrats to Hendry Torres on becoming an S1 rated controller during his OTS Exam in Punta Cana. Henry enjoys controlling in Santiago and will do most of his hours at that airport.

Roldyk earns his S1 Rating

Congrats to Roldyk Rojas on becoming an S1 rated controller during his OTS Exam in Punta Cana.